RR/RW Challenge Fresh Meat Episode 5

Monday, June 26, 2006

On last week's episode of Fresh Meat we saw a rift form between Austin couple Johanna and Wes as they are chosen to go into exile against each other, after a plan to get him and Johanna out of exile failed. This spells the end of the couple as the rest of the teammates get behind Johanna with encouragement in order to beat her boyfriend when they meet in exile. Now, we have to see what happens as team relations go wacky. One problem is already brewing between Tonya and her partner. Wes is still intent on not letting this interfere with their relationship. However, it already has.

The night before the next challenge, the group decides to have a costume party. Tonya shows up in her underwear, and she raises a few eyebrows. Johanna is the first to break as she goes to Wes. The two talk, and it appears they work things out. He apologized. However, as Wes said the best way for Johanna to beat him is to use her anger and spitefulness at him to win. Now, she doesn't have that.

The next morning, the next challenge is set, and it is called rollin' in out. Two teams will go in at a time, and the object of the game is to fill one container full of oats. In order to do that, those competitors will roll in oats and then carry what is attached to them to the container. Wes or Johanna need to win in order to make them safe. They are two of the weakest teams, so can they do it?

Johanna and Jessie are the first to go with Katie and her partner Eric. Wes goes up next against Derrick and his partner. We're not told the weight amounts until the end, as each of the couples continue to go. The first problem comes up with Johnnie, Tonya's partner. He is unable to successfully complete the mission. This brings them in last place. Johanna and Jessie come in fifth place and Wes and Casey come in eighth place. Once again coming out on top is Coral and Evan, the killer team it appears. This means the couple will face each other in exile.

Johanna and Jessie take the lead when Wes and his partner forget one of the puzzle flags. Casey has to go back for it, and this is when Johanna takes the lead. However, we learn Johanna and Jessie forgot to pick up both of their flags, so this means even though they could have won the exile, they lose because they forgot the flags. Before she leaves, Johanna tells Wes he should be nicer to his partner and not curse her out and belittle her when they are competing.

Wes returns to the house, and the rest of the team tells him good job for kicking out his girlfriend. Evan makes it known that now is when things will get ugly, and Tonya also warns to someone on the phone back home that her and Johnnie are a timebomb ready to go off. We'll have to see what happens on next week's show!


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