RW/RR Challenge: Fresh Meat Episode 4

Monday, June 19, 2006

Over the last two weeks, we have seen two couples with cast mates of the Real World: Austin sent home. First it was Danny and his partner, and then Melinda and Ryan followed close behind them last week when they met Wes and Casey in Exile. This week, the tide has turned because now Theo and his partner have the lead as they take the top spot from Coral and her partner, Evan.

Tonight's episode opens with Johanna and Wes happy and in love with the pool. He has survived exile twice, but Tina makes it clear he will continue on going into exile because he needs to go. We next see Tina goofing off with her own partner as they bond before the groups receive news of their next mission the following morning. That challenge is called climber's paradise. The purpose of the mission is to climb the twenty-five foot wall as quick as possible. They have a ten minute limit. The pair with the fastest team will be saved from exile.

Because Chandra and Theo are in charge of the order for this mission, they choose Jesse and Johanna to go first because they make good guinea pigs. However, they don't make it up in the ten minute time allowed. Next up is Tina and Kenny, and they are disqualified when Tina falls off the wall after the second peg. Wes sees this as an opportunity to get her voted into exile. Wes and Casey don't make it in the time allotted either, and the next pair Katie and Eric don't either.

The first couple to make it to the top is Darrell and Aviv. Shane and Linnette also make it. Derrick and Diem make it up, but she is injured. Tonya and her partner also make it, but it looks the couple to beat might end up being Coral and Evan. Theo and Chandra follow them, and they are trying to keep their stop status. Coral and Evan win the challenge with a time of 5 minutes and 33 seconds. This puts them back on top.

Wes tries to make a deal with Coral to vote himself into exile. It looks like she is going to do it, but when the host calls her up to announce who they pick for exile, she calls in Wes and Casey. This angers Wes to no ends. He gets into an argument with Johanna in front of everyone, and she ends up walking off. After she walks off, Wes continues on yelling at everyone, probably only succeeding in pissing off everyone left so they do end up voting Johanna and Jesse in. That is just what ends up happening.

So on next week's episode, we will end up seeing the last two Austin cast mates and their partners go head to head in exile, unless one of the couples is able to win the next mission and get out of it. Wes is looking to stay in the competition, no matter what he has to do, even if that means he has to beat his girlfriend to do it. However, the girls on the team stand behind Johanna, and it looks like she decides to end things with Wes because of how he has treated her since they arrived for the challenge. We'll just have to wait and see what happens next week.


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