So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 20 Chosen

Thursday, June 08, 2006

We've seen auditions in four cities, and we've seen over one hundred dancers make their way to Las Vegas for hell week to dance their asses off for the judges. Forty-three remain when the competition reaches the final stage before the top twenty are chosen. The first one we are shown an in-depth look at it is Dejanee Riley. A dancer from NYC. She had shown a lot of promise early on, but she didn't impress many of the judges in Vegas, except for Nigel. Because of this, she doesn't make it through. Nigel does ask her to return next season.

Next, we see Alison Holker from UT. Where Dejanee hadn't impressed the judges in Vegas, she had. Even though, she thought she was just okay, she is the first girl to make it into the top ten. Henry Graham is next, and we remember seeing him as the one with a jaded childhood. He doesn't make it though no matter how much he impressed the judges early on. The second to make it through in Las Vegas via a Chicago audition. She is a high school student, so she is young. However, the judges put her through. Her best friend, Erin, also makes it into the top ten.

Another high school student that made it through is Ben, who auditioned with his best friend Heather in Los Angeles. It looks like he barely made it through, and she got the opposite side of the coin. Next, we see Julia that collapsed earlier in the week. She didn't make her through to the top ten, but her boyfriend Stanislav does. Next up, we see Heidi and her cousin Benji. She makes it through, and shockingly he looks like he doesn't. However, the judges are just pulling his leg, and he is the first man headed into the top ten. We see several more make it through, but we're not given any names to go along with the faces.

We then see the two remaining breakers left in the competition, Musa and Hawk. Last year, only one breaker, Ryan, made it through. Musa is first to learn that he has made it through, and Hawk goes up after him. He would have made it through, but the judges learned he had a problem with his Visa. With only three remaining spots, Danielle Jones is the next to make it through. She is followed by Ryan, and that leaves only one remaining female spot open. Last to make the top twenty is Alexandra. She pushed out what Nigel called one of the best dancers, but she made things look just too easy. Next week, the top twenty will start to dance for America's votes.


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