RW/RR Challenge Fresh Meat: Episode 3

Monday, June 12, 2006

On last week's challenge, we saw two of the remaining Austin castmates sent into exile against each other. Wes and Casey and Melinda and Ryan will go head to head on tonight's show. Melinda is ready to go home now that Danny is no longer in the challenge with her, but she wants to stay to. She isn't ready to give up. Ryan is worried that Melinda will somehow get them eliminated because of Danny.

The next morning they get called to their next challenge called jailbreak. The contestants will be locked up in cells, handcuffs and put into jumpsuits. Using only their hands and mouths they have to look for the three keys they need to free themselves, their partner and the door to the cell. It's gross, but its a challenge. Of course them showing Katie spitting out whatever she ate was just the icing on the gross factor.

We watch each of the teams hunt for keys one by one. Johanna and her partner Jesse are ahead until she drops one of their keys. The two other Austin couples do alright, but they don't come in first. For a change, Evan and Coral come in last and Theo and Chandra come in first. This means they are charge of the order for the next challenge. They are also safe from exile.

As for the exile, it is the same as the one before. The two teams need to carry their bags with the weight of their own bags and complete two puzzles. At first it looks like Melinda and Ryan might be ahead of the game, but somehow Wes and Casey pull out a win, and they return home to the house. Melinda and Ryan are eliminated.


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