So You Think You Can Dance Episode 2.03

Thursday, June 01, 2006

On last night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance, we saw two days of auditions in The City of Angels. Thirty-five dancers were given tickets to go to Las Vegas. Tonight, we are hitting the windy city of Chicago for the last city of auditions. These auditions are being judged by Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Shane Sparks. Their first audition of the day is Tony Peltier, a customer service representative. He had some moves, but his dancing was more suited to the club circuit than this competition. All three judges passed, but he seemed to handle it alright, even if a bit sad.

The morning auditions went from bad to worse. In four hours of auditions, not one dancer went through to Vegas or choreography. We see one dancer, Jessica Wilson, perform a modern/lyrical piece. She had been dancing for the last thirteen years, but the judges felt that she danced like a beginner. Nigel had no problem dashing her dancing dreams. Things do begin to look up.

We see the return of a couple, Nick Gonzalez and Andrea Savelli, that auditioned on last year's show. The two met there, and they have been together ever since. The two audition separately, and only one makes it through. Nick wows the judges with a tap performance, and he makes it straight through. As for Andrea, she has no passion in her performance and she is sent on her way.

In fact, Nick is the only one that makes it through to Vegas on the first day of auditions. We also see a dancing clown known as Knowlton Haaland. He was amusing, but he just wasn't what the judges were looking for here. The second day starts off just as bad. Timothy Cruz is the first to come on stage on the second morning, and he performs a hip hop performance that makes Nigel tell him he should quit dancing. However, what is even more shocking here is that Timothy is a choreographer.

He is the first in a line of dance teachers that audition and are just horrible. Nigel and the other judges have no problem telling any of them they have no right to be teaching. Alison Enriquez is another dancer auditioning with the hopes of becoming a dance teacher. Nigel dashes those hopes. However, one dance teacher does come out and makes it through to the choreography round later that night, Duron Benifield.

The two that follow Duron also make it through to the choreography round, Ron Evans and Nigel Holts. Ron impresses the judges, but they want to see him do something else. As for Nigel, the only judge impressed by him is Shane, but Nigel Lythgoe puts him through to the choreography round just so Shane can see what he can do there. The second to make it straight to Vegas is Erika Gee. Mary isn't as impressed with her, but Shane and Nigel were. The last dancer of the day before the choreography is Angel Polver, and she is immediately sick following her performance. Nigel does make a reference to his being sickened by her as well, but she threw up for him.

Next we jump to choreography as Shane Sparks leads the dancers put through to this round through some steps. The three shown on television that were sent to this round didn't make it through to Vegas. However, twenty-three others did. They weren't shown on television with their auditions, so there is no way to know just how good they are. In all, twenty-five from Chicago made it to Las Vegas to the next round. For the auditions in total, one hundred and twenty-one dancers survived this round to make it through. We will see them begin hell week next Wednesday night.


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