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Monday, December 12, 2005

These are some of the stories making the buzz in the entertainment industry since my last buzz post. If you want to check them out as I post them, check my blog, Thoughts from the Couch. I update several times a day, and you can check out what has been posted by checking the headline generator in my header!

In TV news, we have a great deal happening. New shows being cast, shows getting the ax and much more. The past week we've learned who the casts are for two new drama set to hit NBC in the near future. We learned about the casting for both Kidnapped and Conviction here and here. News also came down about one FOX comedy getting the ax. To find out which one, hop on over to here. The news is a bit better for fans of Night Stalker. The show was canceled by ABC, but there looks like the show has a savior. Read about that story here. ABC's Dancing with the Stars announced its competitors a few days ago. Check out which celebrities will be dancing their hearts out for America's votes here. Looks like Fox is putting Family Guy on the web, but they won't be using iTunes like everyone else seems to be. Read about what they are doing with the comedy cartoon hit here.

In movie news, read about Wilmer Valderamma's new 70s role when he takes on a past popular hit television series being made into a big screen production here. You can also check out last week's movie releases and find out how they did in my box office report. A number of movie trailers were also released in the last week. These are best for you high speed users. Sorry to those on dial-up. I feel your pain. I was one of you until last week. These are some of the hottest new releases for the months ahead. Check out trailers for:

  • Ice Age 2
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Mission Impossible III and Miami Vice

  • We're at the beginning of awards season. The Golden Globe Nominations will be released in the morning, but we already have the Grammy nominations and the nominations from AFI out now. Check them out!

    Every night or every other night, I also have my viewing diary on what I'm watching on television. I expand on my thoughts on the shows covered on this site and give my thoughts on other shows I happen to watch. My most recent entry covers: The O.C., ER, Ghost Whisperer and Close to Home. I'll have a new one up in the next day or so covering Grey's Anatomy and The Gauntlet 2.

    That's the buzz for this week. You can also check for other stories at Thoughts from the Couch including news on the death of comedian Richard Pryor and my take on the way DVR is changing things as far as television goes!

    Check out my new Blog of the Week! The blog of one mother that is definitely worth a look, so check out Big D, Little D, Mista T, Ruffy and Me for some good fun! Check it out on my sidebar.

    I'll be back tomorrow night with a review of an all new holiday episode of Bones!


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