TV Review: The O.C. Episode 3.10

Thursday, December 15, 2005

From FOX: After the gang spends hours picking out the perfect Christmas trees, they devise a special plan to help a friend in need. Meanwhile, the holidays bring out a somber Summer who misses her mom, and Johnny's sudden misfortune forces him to take matters into his own hands. Kirsten, meanwhile, puts the past behind her and reaches out to Julie Cooper. And when a reminiscing Seth vows to put a little "mukkah" into Ryan’s "chris," Ryan gets Bar-Mitz-vahkkahed.

My Rating: 4 out of 4

This episode titled the The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah (try saying that more than once) gives us everything we've come to expect for a holiday episode from The O.C. Two years ago, in season one, we learned about this new holiday, and for fans of the show it is a celebration to be remembered. This year brings our characters together for a good cause and a humorous Bar Mitz-vahkkah for Ryan.

On this episode, we continue the story line with Johnny. A few episodes back he was injured when hit by a car. This ruined his chances for a surfing trip, and his chances of ever even surfing again also came into question. If that would even be possible, he'd need surgery. Marissa helped pull a few strings to get him into a doctor. This week we learn he has the doctor, but not the necessary funds for the surgery. His mother's insurance won't cover it. Johnny seems set to either give up or handle it on his own because of his pride.

Marissa and the rest of the foursome come up with a plan to help him though. They will have a fundraiser with the main focus Ryan having a Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah. At first Ryan is against the idea. He warms up to it, as do Sandy and Kirsten. They were a little put off on the idea as well. However, Kirsten ends up going full steam to create the last minute party, and she even enlists the help of Julie to help with the party.

However, they have a problem. Johnny wants no part of their fundraiser because he sees it as charity. By the time they find out about that little tidbit, the party is already a done deal. There will be a party with or without Johnny. Marissa goes to talk to him, trying to change his mind, and she sees him in the middle of some shady dealings. She tells Ryan about her feelings, and he begins to snoop around.

The day of the party arrives, and Ryan goes over to Johnny's house to talk him into coming. He gets a few minutes alone in Johnny's room, and he pokes around. He doesn't find anything, but once Ryan leaves Johnny pulls out a gun from where he has it hidden. At first it appears it might be some kind of suicide plot, but that would certainly ruin a happy Christmas episode now wouldn't it?

Johnny goes to the party, but ditches quite early on after his arrival. We next see him on at a convenience story with Ryan hot on his heals. Johnny is about to pull out the gun and rob the store owner, but Ryan walks in just in time to stop him. It also looks like Ryan talks Johnny into accepting the charity him and his friends created for him with the fundraiser.

There were other happenings on tonight's episode of The O.C. Julie is making her slow ascent back up into society with Kirsten's help. The scenes with Julie living in the trailer park have amused me to no ends. However, we also see Julie cozying it up with Summer's dad. At first I thought nothing of it, but when he tells Julie it looks like he is setting himself for his next divorce, my mind started working. These two look like they might be heading down couple row. They need to get Julie back in the riches, and what more perfect way to do this than have her cozy up to another rich man. It actually works perfectly to because Marissa is already living at the Roberts' house. He is still married, so this might not happen for a bit, but it definitely looks to be a possibility.

All in all this was a wonderful episode of The O.C. Their holiday episodes are always full of cheer and togetherness. The final scene with all of them swaying in the middle of the dance floor was cheesy but touching all at the same time. I am really glad they didn't go with some kind of suicide plot for Johnny. Even if he didn't go through with it, it might have meant this character's exit from the show, and they have already had two and possibly three guest starring characters make quick entrances and even quicker exits. They did it last season too with Olivia Wilde and Nick Gonzales coming and going after only a few episodes.

This frustrates me a bit, and I know there has been a lot of discontent with the show this season by other fans as well. Some changes are in the mix. We have not only one but two returning characters coming for us sometime during the second half of the season. We saw one of them in the previews after the episode tonight.

Marissa's little sister is returning home from boarding school. Now who just is this girl coming into the mix. I reported on the cast addition on my blog Thoughts from the couch when the news broke. 14-year-old actress Willa Holland will play Marissa's younger sister, Kaitlin. Just from the brief glimpse we get of her tonight, it definitely looks like she takes after her mother! She'll definitely be heating things up with her entrance.

Two other character additions will be made in the second half of season three. One is for a brief episode stint, and the other is the return of an old favorite. However, not much is known about this latter addition. We do know the first is by actress Nikki Reed. She will join the series for a four-episode stint starting in January.

The second addition would see the return of Anna to the cast. Not sure at this time if that means Samaire Armstrong is returning or not, but I'm sure more news will become available in time. The writer's are assuring the fans the show isn't going anywhere even with all the graduation talk. The show has its actors contracted for three more seasons.

Music on tonight's episode is from Music From The O.C.: Mix 3 . You can download Just like Christmas from iTunes.

The O.C. will make its return to FOX's Thursday night line-up in January.


Sarah said...

Johnny is just annoying me. He's so pathetic and really pretty dumb: "I'm too proud to take charity, so I'll just rob a gas station"?! But it just wouldn't be the O.C. if Marissa and Ryan were perfectly happy, would it?

Polia said...

Thank you so much fo ryour review!!! I am so happy to hear that Anna is coming back, I just hope that it IS SA. I can't wait to see this epii myself!!!

ryan said...

I'm not sure if the OC has ever deserved a 100% rating. Unless of course the review was on horrible tv.

Ryan Clark

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