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Thursday, December 08, 2005

What stories have been buzzing in TV land the last few days? There has been a few, even with the lack of new programming the past week or so because of the holidays. There are some new shows, but series such as Surface, Supernatural and Lost all appear to be on a bit of a break until after the holidays. No worries. Things will certainly pick up once the New Year hits. I plan to add a show or two to my roster of shows here. Possibly more. The mid season definitely looks promising. These are the stories I've covered the last few days over on Thoughts from the couch.

  • Dancing with the Stars extends show - This summer hit series will return in January with a new group of dancers and an extended format. Check it out!

  • Cost of Cable TV Going Up - Read all about the pricing changes set to hit your pocket books in the New Year.

  • For the X-Men Fans - In case any of you missed it, the trailer and first photos from X3 were released Monday. Check out where you can spot them!

  • Drug Testing Coming to the WWE - Read about the changes being made following the death of wrestler Eddie Guerrero.

  • This week's DVD Releases - Check out what movies and tv shows made it out onto DVD this week.

  • NBC shows available on iTunes - Just this week, NBC inked a major deal to make available a lot of NBC programming through iTunes. Check out if your favorite show is included in the deal.

  • Lindsay Lohan Ditches Regis Kelly - I just reviewed her CD here earlier this week. Read all about the way she dissed Regis & Kelly.

  • Over the last three nights, the Sci Fi channel has aired the mini series The Triangle. I watched all three nights, and gave my thoughts to it on my blog each night. The movie started off strong night one but faltered night 2 and 3. Did anyone else out there watch? Night one also has my thoughts on the premiere of The Gauntlet 2, the new Real World/Road Rules competition that premiered Monday night.

  • Don't forget to check out my Blog of the Week, Adventures in Cyberia, for some fun with Sims and the blogosphere.


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