Fresh Meat Challenge Episode 12

Monday, August 14, 2006

On last week's Fresh Meat Challenge, we saw Derrick and Diem win another challenge, and Shane and Linette go home after being exiled. This week's challenge begins with a possible romantic heating up between Derrick and his partner. However, she fears it going nowhere due to her medical condition. The two definitely have their eyes on each other. We also learn of an alliance between Theo, Derrick and Darrell.

The next day we see the remaining teams head off for their most dangerous mission yet, Deep Blue. The mission involves the team members diving down thirty feet to retrieve their team flag. The first two to go dive are Tina and Kenny. The pressure definitely gets to these two. They don't make it down. Next up are Darrell and Aviv, and they are successful in retrieving the flag, but a better time might have wanted by both. Theo and Chandra are up next, and they are also successful. Following them is Wes and Casey, and we see problems from the beginning. However, they are also successful.

Derrick and Diem are last to go, and they appear to do the best time. They do win by one second, so they get to choose who goes to exile again. This means the two have a tough decision to make about who to send in, one that might cause them to break any alliances they may have made with other competitors they have left. Diem and Derrick send in Theo and Chandra. The remaining characters spice up things with voting in Darrell and Aviv to exile. This puts two strong teams into exile, and this is the first time Wes and Casey don't go into exile. Unless one of those two teams win the next challenge and get pardoned from exile.

Derrick is upset about how things end up with his two friends going into exile. Darrell feels betrayed, but Chandra understands the move. Theo is upset as well. Derrick turns to Wes, and the two make an odd sort of alliance. Wes had been trying to get the stronger teams into exile the whole competition, and he finally was successful without really trying. By the end of the episode, we see Derrick and Diem heat up even further. Next week, we'll have to see how these two teams fair in the next competition. Will one of them get out of exile?


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