Fresh Meat Challenge Episode 11

Monday, August 07, 2006

Last week on Fresh Meat, we had a shocking development as the best team of the competition was eliminated due to injuries they had sustained in the competition. So we said good-bye to Coral and Evan. In another shocking twist, Derrick and Diem won a mission, and these two made a strategic move that sent Shane and Linette into exile. This upset Linette because she is friends with Diem. Linette goes to her friend and asks her to tell her if Derrick is planning to vote those two to go first in the mission.

The next mission starts bright and early the next morning. In Jump Down Under, the teams will jump off a four story high platform, and then climb up a huge plastic ball and retrieve a flag. Derrick and Diem choose the line-up, and they ended up picking Shane and Linette to go up first. This once again angers Linette, but they do complete the mission. Wes and Casey are next up, and Casey has some problems in this mission.

She won't jump from the platform and they are eliminated from the mission. Theo and Chandra are next and they also complete the mission successfully. They are followed by Darrell and Aviv and Tina and Kenny. They both complete the mission successfully. Tina and Kenny work especially well together this time around. Last to go is the Derrick and Diem, and they win the mission with the lowest time.

Once the mission is complete, we see Shane and Linette prepare to go into exile against Wes and Casey. Linette is determined to win. Shane and Linette have over 170 pounds to carry against Wes and Casey's 113 pounds. The two teams do well, but once again Wes and Casey come out on top and they return to the house. This sends Shane and Linette home, and it spells the end for Theo and Linette's relationship. Next week, we see Derrick and Diem move past partners to something more!


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